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Cumulative Return of Gingko Investment Group VS

Shanghai SE Composite Index (2003 – 2013)


Shanghai SE(RH5)

Audited by Ernst & Young

(Audited financial statements are available upon request)

We have successfully invested in many great companies such as Kweichow Moutai (a famous Chinese winery), Landsea Property, and China Union Pay.

The net asset value of Ginkgo has grown to RMB6.2bn in February 2016, from RMB32.6mn in April 2003 with an impressive compound annual growth rate of 49.99%

Audited by Ernst & Young

(Audited financial statements are available upon request)

Time weighted cumulative investment returns (TWR): The calculation method of Time Weighted Return involves: deriving daily returns by dividing the sum of total market value of all stock investments and cash dividends of T day by the adjusted total market value of all stock investments of T-1 day (i.e, deducting the cash flows in relation to stock sales on T day and adding the cash flows in relation to stock purchase on T day); monthly returns are calculated by geometrically linking the daily returns; annual returns are produced by geometrically linking the monthly returns. The assumptions in the calculation of Time Weighted Return include that the capital used to purchase the stock investment flows in on the purchasing day, the proceeds received from the sales of stock investment flows out on the selling day, and the capital received from cash dividend flows out right after its arrival.

Cash dividends are before tax amounts.

From 2013, we have transitioned to investing in the primary equity market, as well as investing in the Hong Kong’s secondary market; thereby starting a new era.

Over the same period, we bought a large quantity of Biostime (1112.HK), Cogobuy (0400.HK), Sunny Optical (2382.HK) and China Yangtze Power (600900.SHA) cheaply and held them until just before the equity market crashed in 2015.

We bought these shares again at the bottom of the market in July 2015 which resulted in strong P&L gains outperforming the market once again.



Investment Strategies: Active Management Approach, Long Term Value-Investing, Bottom Up Analysis and Contrarian Approach.

Ginkgo Capital Ltd (Cayman Island) managed $100m for MITIMco (Massachusetts Institutes of Technology Investment Management Company). Ginkgo Global Fund managed $30m primarily for investment in Hong Kong and US markets, while China Omaha Fund focused in the Chinese market with $70m via Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) Scheme.

Net return of Ginkgo Global Fund was 23.86% from Jul 2014 to Dec 2016.

Net return of China Omaha Fund was 4.74% from Sep 2015 to Dec 2016.

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